Welcome to Flow Meter Group Inc.

Flow Meter Group Inc. (FMG Inc.), formerly known as TGMG, is the North America headquarters of, Flow Meter Group BV and is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services in the natural gas industry.

Our expert technical staff has decades of experience in the industry and is always ready to assist our clients.

A large inventory of natural gas meters, cartridges/internals and spare parts assists our customers in maintaining reliable consistant gas flows.

FMG Inc. is a sister company of Flow Meter Group bv. (FMG) in the Netherlands. FMG is an engineering & manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of energy and gas measurement systems.

Located in the Netherlands, FMG produces a wide range of rotary and turbine gas meters, volume conversion devices, master meters and calibration benches.

A number of these products have progressed through the approval cycles and are being sold around the globe. Others are moving through the approval process in various countries. Some of these new products are revolutionary to the Natural Gas industry.